Mughal e Azam Mural

I was commissioned to design and paint a mural in an Indian restaurant in South London. After consultation I decided to look at the classic Bollywood film “Mughal e Azam” – it’s like the ‘Gone With The Wind’ of the Bollywood film industry, took 20 years to film, the film starts in black and white and ends up in colour and the actors age significantly buy the end of the film. I used a still from the movie as my starting point, with the hero holding the pained love interest whilst moodily gazing into the distance.

I simplified and flattened the colour values and drafted a design (shown below). I also brought in a large floral design to balance the right hand side. Having done some traveling in India I wanted to try to express their fantastic mural draftmanship with the bright colours and mystical themes, but putting a contemporary spin on it. The large spread of bright orange certainly ensured that the inside of the restaurant could be seen from the other end of the road! The great thing was that owners of the restaurant insisted that the mural had brought more custom.

To view the work in progress photos click here: